Photo Album
A little girl wrapped in a strip of fabric, who came for treatment with her mother.
Like boys everywhere, sitting on a pier on the River Unini, just talking about stuff.
There was a bull roaming free in the village which was the community pet.  Sometimes he annoyed people by insisting on being petted, or by lifting the end of the bench when he scratched an itch on his neck, tumbling people to the ground.  People just shooed him away when he became a bother.
The town is set in red mud.  Wet areas are hard to walk through without sinking down.  Few people wear shoes.
The villagers never tire of just looking at the plane tied up to the bank like a faithful horse waiting for its master.
The return to Manaus, Brazil, on the Rio Negro, within a few miles of its joining the Rio Salimões to form the Amazon River.  Visible at the lower left is the largest floating dock in the world, which is capable of rising and falling 20 meters (over 20 yards) to accomodate rainy and dry seasons.  The Manaus population is about 1¼ million souls.
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