Mission to
Vila Flor
2-3 July, 2004
In the municipality of Novo Lindo do Norte, dentists  Marco and Alfredo set up the two mobile dental kits with assistance by missionary pilot Wilson Kannenberg.

We have just brought back two more of these mobile kits because the teams do more restoration of teeth and fewer extractions of rotten teeth.  Each complete kit costs US$3,800.  We bring the parts back from the US in our suitcases after home leave.
A perfect illustration of our mission:  treating the bodies and souls of God's people.

Dr. Marco Manzano works on a patient while the Jesus film is being shown to waiting patients, persons already treated, and anyone else who wants to know about Jesus.  Missionaries are present to conclude the viewing with a personal invitation to accept Jesus as Savior, or to have further spiritual counseling.
A very brave little girl occupies the dental chair above.  Children this age often have a mouth full of rotten teeth.  We teach them about brushing and flossing, give them free toothbrushes and flouride treatments.  Returning to villages repeatedly, we see a marked improvement in the dental and physical health of those receiving free treatment and instruction.

To the right, a young girl waits while her mother receives treatment.  Perhaps she will grow up with far less dental pain and loss because Asas de Socorro brought help to her village.
Dr. Kassiano consults with a patient in the school room.
Dr. Claudia shows by her joyful attitude that she is pleased to be a servant of God in this place.
Nurse Jeane dispenses free medicine as prescribed by Drs. Kassiano and Claudia.  Jeane has done five missions to date.  See her also on the Flaminginho page.
A moment of relaxation for Jeane, Claudia, and Kassiano.

If you would like to participate in a medical/dental/evangelical mission in the Amazon, please contact us by e-mail:  LeeDarrelCarver@aol.com 
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