The Villages of Italiano and Piuí
The villages of Italiano and Piuí, in the municipality of Manaquirí, were visited on Friday and Saturday, March 15-16, 2002.  There were two doctors, two dentists, two nurses, an evangelist, our CEO Rocindes Correia and his wife Ester, and two pilots.
Dr. Edinezer is drilling today, using the re-worked machine to power the drill.  It has just been repaired and also mounted in a convenient carrying case.  Just when we thought it was ready to be scrapped, it returns with new life.
Dr. Radamés works on stage, as it were.  Waiting patients watch the process and build up nerve for their turn.  Fear not, Asas de Socorro provides modern anesthetics for painless dentistry.
Dr. Antonio interviews a patient.  All these young professionals donate their time for the mission, and get themselves to the Manaus airport from wherever their homes may be.

Regretfully, we do not have a still shot of Dr. Olivera or the Correias.  Our full time nurse and organizer Ester Camilo was also on this trip.
Priscilla, a nurse who is filling free prescriptions, also brought in by Asas de Socorro.
The team was so large for this mission that, with all the medicines, dentist chairs, and machinery, the pilots had to make two trips to get everyone to the first village.  The next day at 6 AM, after sleeping in hammocks under mosquito nets, most of the team went 45 minutes by boat to the second village, while the plane took the rest of the people and equipment in 3 minutes.
You knew there would have to be a photo of the Caravan, didn't you?  Here it waits at the bank with missionary pilot Wilson Kannenberg.
Asas de Socorro now proudly owns a new high power video projector, which made its maiden voyage on this trip.  In both villages, the Jesus film was shown.  Twenty-four people came forward at the end to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior!  Thank you, thank you to all the contributors for this projector.  I want to list your churches and names, but won't do that without permission.  Your eternal reward is not in the glory of man, but with our Lord.  God bless you all.
To see the projector in action, view the page "7 June 2002" in this website.

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