The First Two Plane Mission to Manaquirí
On 24 May, 2002, the Asas de Socorro team from Manaus Sector launched a two day mission to Manaquirí with two planes, the Cessna Caravan 208 and Cessna 206.  On the mission were three dentists, a doctor, two pilots, a deputado (congressman), the mayor, a pastor, a journalist, and all the associated clinic equipment.

Piloting the 206 is missionary Daniel Lawrance (below), a Canadian who grew up in Brazil as the son of missionaries.  Daniel is the father of three fine young boys. We regret that Daniel and his sons have moved back to Canada since this event.
The clinic was held in a rather small one-room school house to serve people within a five mile radius of that site.
This young woman, one of the three dentists on the mission, worked tirelessly in the tropical heat.
Wilson's shirt bears the motto of Asas de Socorro:  "Giving wings to those who give their lives.  The television reminds us that this is, after all, Brazil, just weeks week before the playoffs begin for the 2002 World Cup of soccer.
Jovial Dentist Joel, getting a laugh from the patient before work begins.  Out of her view, his right hand holds the syringe.  He's ready for business.

Dentist Marco Manzano is a full time missionary with Asas de Socorro, living in Manaus.  He is our new mission organizer, taking this responsibility over from our nurse Ester Camilo.  He was introduced in the previous mission write-up, and his wife and children are in the following one.
Dr. Olivera sets up his medical office on a school desk.  On this clinic he will treat a multitude of people with ailments ranging from infected cuts and scrapes to internal ailments and intestinal, internal organ and subcutaneous parasites, and conduct two minor field surgeries.
At right, Dr. Oliveira and his assisting nurse prepare a patient for minor surgery.  A young man had been shot in his face quite some time before.  We don't know the story on this, but he wanted shotgun pellets removed from where they had lodged beneath the skin.  They had not pierced the skull, and there was no infection.  It was a fairly simple procedure, but one which meant a lot to him.
Lunch is provided by the people of the village.  From the left are dentist Joel, a nurse, dentist Marco, an aviation journalist, Wilson, and another dentist.
In closing, the art shot of the trip:  Getting about as usual at the end of rainy             season in the Amazon.
In this line-up we have Darrel on the left, then Sr. Souza who is a state congressman; then Dr. Sandro, who is a medical doctor and the mayor of Manaquirí; next is a Brazilian pastor who came for the purpose of evangelism during the clinic.  The little fellow in the red shirt is totally, knee-walking drunk, but he wanted his picture made with the visitors and was shown where to stand in line.  Every soul is important to our creator, and none are shunned.
Missionary pilot Wilson Kannenberg comforts patients and keeps records on work done for each person.  Such a novel idea!
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