1-3 August, 2001

Four Villages
on the Uniní River
Three days, four villages with a doctor, nurse, two dentists, and a volunteer teacher/evangelist.  In case you were wondering, the villages are Vista Alegra, Floresta, Manapan, and Tapiira, all in the municipal area (municipio) of Barcelo.
Our personal dentist, Dr. Veiga, works with Dr. Michela on a patient.
Bush nurse/chief organizer Ester Camilo immunizes and treats.
Does anyone know what this is?  Right!  It's a toothbrush. Do you know what it's for?
Up and down, now onto the molars.  Very good.
The response to these classes is excellent.  When the team returns a few months later, they see that children's teeth are much better, and decay is less evident.  The whole family may use the one toothbrush, which is worn out completely.  Would you brush properly if you had no toothpaste, and no way of getting any?

It is customary to munch during the day on starches, especially manioc products, which turn to sugar in the mouth.  Most people, even young children, have a mouth full of rotten teeth.  When the dentist takes a look, he must ask, "Which one hurts?"  because many are decayed.
Dr. Abimael checks out a patient with a cyst.
Let's go home!
An open cubicle serves as the doctor's office.
A photogenic moment with mother and child.
A sweet young girl, Bianca, who Darrel remembered from an earlier trip.  The regulars on the clinic crew establish friendships with people who come to the clinic every time they see the plane land.
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